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Your Mobility is Our Mission

Are you struggling with hip discomfort that keeps you from enjoying your daily activities? We believe life should be lived to the fullest – free from hip pain. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Peter Howard, is here to guide you on the path to recovery.

Hip-related conditions are frequent among those engaged in sports and physical activities, and addressing these issues is a particular focus for Dr. Howard. Hip discomfort can significantly impact almost anyone, leading to pain and reduced mobility. Prompt and proper diagnosis followed by treatment, which may include physical therapy, is key to a speedy return to activity.

Personalized Hip Care with Advanced Diagnostics, Minimally Invasive Solutions, and Advanced Surgical Techniques

Dr. Howard approaches each case with a comprehensive evaluation, usually including a detailed interview, a physical assessment, and diagnostic tests. The nature of hip pain can vary, whether it originates from the lumbar spine, the hip joint itself, or the bursa, and different diagnostic tools such as X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, or ultrasounds may be utilized to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort.

Dr. Howard considers surgery as a last resort. Non-surgical treatment options might include corticosteroid injections or tailored physical therapy, and he discusses these options with patients thoroughly.

Should surgery become necessary, patients are in expert hands with Dr. Howard. His surgical expertise encompasses a variety of advanced procedures, including minimally invasive hip arthroscopy, labrum repair, the excision of bony impingement, and endoscopic methods for resolving trochanteric bursitis or abductor muscle tears. Dr. Howard is committed to providing comprehensive care throughout the surgical process and recovery, working with occupational and physical therapists for the best outcomes. Given his experience with professional athletes, Dr. Howard’s patients receive cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical care under his supervision.

Comprehensive Care for Every Hip Condition:

Hip Treatment Options

Tailored treatments to suit your unique needs. From conservative care to surgical intervention, your personalized plan awaits. Discover your pathway to less pain and more life.

Hip Arthroscopy

Unlock the benefits of minimally invasive techniques designed to diagnose and treat many hip issues. Click to dive deeper into how hip arthroscopy can offer quicker recovery and less pain.

Hip Bursitis and Arthritis

Inflammation doesn’t have to be your reality. Learn more about our innovative approaches to managing and alleviating the chronic pain associated with bursitis and arthritis.

Hip Labral Tears

Discover cutting-edge treatments that can repair your hip labrum, restore function, and get you back to your best self. Explore your options and the advanced care pathways available.

Hip Muscle and Ligament Tears

Strength and stability are within reach. Find out how our specialized treatments help heal and reinforce the support structures of your hip.

Hip or Groin Impingement

Don’t let impingement hold you back. We can correct the structural issues causing your pain. Click to understand how we can help you move freely again.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Experience the relief of resolving that uncomfortable snapping sensation. Our targeted treatments make your snapping hip a thing of the past.

Total Hip Replacement

Imagine a life where every step isn’t a reminder of hip pain. Our total hip replacement surgery offers a second chance at a mobile, independent life. Learn if this transformative procedure is right for you.

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Take control of your hip health today — because a pain-free tomorrow is waiting.