Shoulder Treatment

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Shoulder Treatment

Dr. Howard is an orthopedic shoulder surgeon, treating all manner of shoulder injuries and conditions with minimallyinvasive therapies, treatments, and procedures.  He treats shoulder pain and injuries throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Largo, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Dunedin, and St Petersburg.

As the most mobile joint in the human body, use of the shoulder is essential. Shoulder pain and injuries can severely limit mobility, in both athletics and day to day activities.Rotator cuff injuries, throwing injuries, repetitive motion injuries, in addition to dislocations and tears, plague athletes of all sports, from tennis to baseball or football.  While you may be dealing with the pain on your own, early diagnosis and treatment can be vital to maintaining full range of motion.  Visiting a shoulder orthopedic physician will get your questions answered and get you back to pain-free movement as quickly as possible.

Dr. Howard will first consider non-surgical treatments, including bracing, activity modification, physical therapy, and injections.  He partners with your physical therapists providing clear communication between you, himself, and the therapists to coordinate the strategy to improve the condition. His specialty, shoulder arthroscopy, is a minimally invasive shoulder procedure with miniature instruments and a video camera that can repair many conditions. From rotator cuff repair to full shoulder replacement, Dr. Howard stays constantly up to date with the latest developments in shoulder procedures and treatments.

Some treatments and procedures that Dr. Howard may employ are:


Corticosteroid injections, Hyaluronic Acid

Physical Therapy

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Minimally invasive surgery using miniature instruments and a video camera to repair the tendons of the shoulder

Arthroscopic Labrum Repair

Often performed after a dislocation or injury, miniature instruments and video cameras are used to repair the labrum tissue back down to the cartilage surface

Arthroscopic Superior Capsular Reconstruction

A graft patch is sewn down to the top of the arm bone to replace a torn rotator cuff that can’t be repaired.

Bicep tendon repair

Often the bicep tendon can be a major source of pain in the shoulder and Dr. Howard uses a video camera and microscopic instruments to repair the bicep tendon.

Latarjet surgery

After a traumatic dislocation, bone is cut from the shoulder blade and placed onto the cup side of the shoulder joint to repair a dislocating shoulder

Cartilage transplant surgery

For patients with minimal to no arthritis with a cartilage injury, new cartilage can be grown and applied to the knee to help prevent arthritis from forming.

Arthroscopic bone spur removal

Using minimally invasive burrs and video cameras, bone spurs are removed from the shoulder joint and the end of the clavicle

Shoulder fracture treatment

After a slip and fall, often a shoulder can be broken, and repairs are done with plates and screws to fix the broken bones

Clavicle fracture treatment

Clavicle fractures are often repaired to restore the best function of the shoulder using plates and screws to anatomically align the bones

Arthroscopic AC joint repair

Traumatic injuries can rip the ligaments that keep the clavicle in place, and they can be repaired using minimally invasive tools and video cameras to restore the clavicle to its anatomic position.

Anatomic (Total) shoulder replacement

If a shoulder is worn out and arthritic, a joint replacement can be performed to restore a shoulder to pain free and increased function.

Reverse total shoulder replacement

Performed for certain fractures or for advanced arthritis, a reverse shoulder arthroplasty is an advanced version of the shoulder replacement to treat the most difficult shoulder problems.