Outpatient Joint Replacement: Shoulder, Hip, and Knee

Welcome to Comprehensive, Advanced, and Convenient Care

Dr. Peter Howard specializes in providing superior outpatient joint replacement services for the shoulder, hip, and knee. Our approach prioritizes your comfort, safety, and swift recovery, allowing you to return home the same day as your outpatient procedure. Discover the many benefits of choosing outpatient surgery for your joint replacement needs.

Same Day Discharge – Your Comfort, Our Priority

  • Rapid Recovery: Our advanced surgical techniques and post-operative care protocols are designed for faster recovery, enabling you to leave the facility on the same day.
  • Home Sweet Home: Experience home recovery in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

No Hospital Stay Required – Safety and Efficiency

  • Minimized Risks: Avoid the risks associated with prolonged hospital stays, such as infections.
  • Personalized Care: Receive coordinated and comprehensive care from our dedicated team in a comfortable, less crowded environment.

Coverage and Affordability – Accessible to All

  • Medicare and Commercial Insurance: We’re excited to announce that our outpatient joint replacement services are now covered by Medicare and most commercial insurance plans, making this advanced care more accessible than ever.

10 Key Benefits of Our Outpatient Joint Replacement Services

  1. Convenience: Experience the convenience and ease of home recovery, allowing you to recuperate in the comfort of your own home, away from a hospital setting.
  2. Lower Cost: Enjoy significant savings on surgery costs, with no hospital room charges or related hospital expenses.
  3. Reduced Stress: Our outpatient procedures are performed in a setting specifically designed for reduced stress compared to traditional inpatient surgeries, ensuring a more comfortable experience for patients.
  4. Insurance Availability: Many insurance companies, including Medicare and commercial plans, now cover outpatient surgeries, often preferentially.
  5. Advanced Technology: Equipped with the latest advanced technology and implant expertise, our outpatient facilities enable our surgeons to perform procedures using the most cutting-edge surgical techniques available.
  6. Minimized Exposure: Benefit from minimized exposure to hospital-acquired infections and illnesses, a common concern in traditional hospital settings, thanks to our outpatient care model.
  7. Shorter Wait Times: Experience shorter wait times for scheduling your procedure, a significant advantage over the extended wait times often associated with hospital surgeries.
  8. Predictable Scheduling: The efficiency of our outpatient centers supports more predictable scheduling, allowing for procedures to be planned and conducted in a timelier manner.
  9. Targeted Expertise: Our team, comprising specialized surgeons and nurses with targeted expertise, is focused on delivering the highest standard of care for outpatient joint replacement procedures.
  10. Enhanced Privacy: Enjoy the enhanced privacy of a dedicated facility without the need to share rooms, as in a hospital.

Specializing in Shoulder, Hip, and Knee Replacements

  • Shoulder Replacement: Regain flexibility and comfort with our state-of-the-art shoulder procedures.
  • Hip Replacement: Step into a life of improved mobility and less discomfort with our expert hip replacement services, often called hip arthroplasty or hip replacement surgery.
  • Knee Replacement: Walk towards a brighter future with less knee pain, thanks to our advanced knee replacement techniques, also known as knee arthroplasty.

Why Choose Peter Howard, M.D.?

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team, led by experts in the field, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacement.
  • Cutting-Edge Procedures: We use the most modern techniques and equipment for optimal surgical outcomes, ensuring our procedures remain cutting-edge.
  • Patient-Centered Care: From your first consultation to your post-operative recovery, we focus on providing patient-centered, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

Begin Your Journey to Improved Joint Health

Don’t let joint pain limit your life. Contact us to discover more about our outpatient joint replacement services and take the first step toward a more active, pain-free future.